The Incredible Benefits Of Raw Honey - A Quick Review!

Honey, Honey, Oh How Sweet It Is - The Incredible Benefits of Raw Honey You Can't Ignore!

Honey has been used for centuries as a staple ingredient in many cuisines and a natural remedy for a variety of health problems. But did you know that there are different types of honey – with varying levels of nutritional benefits and flavor?

Raw honey is the purest form of honey, straight from the beehive without heating or processing which means it retains all the beneficial vitamins and minerals naturally occurring in raw honey. Read on to discover why everyone should try including raw honey in their diet!

What Is Raw Honey?

Raw honey is simply unheated, unpasteurized, and unfiltered - taken directly from the hive and bottled as-is with no additional additives or preservatives. This minimally processed type of honey still contains some pollen particles, propolis (a natural glue created by bees to seal cracks in their hives), and even small pieces of wax! What makes raw honey so unique is that its enzymes remain active which leads to an enriched nutritional profile compared to processed versions found in stores today. From healthy antioxidants to antibacterial immunity boosters, this powerhouse sweetener offers something for everyone!

Benefits Of Raw Honey

Perhaps one of the most overlooked and powerful benefits of raw honey is its ability to fight bacteria. Thanks to its high levels of pollen particles present in each spoonful, studies have proven that raw honey can effectively inhibit the growth of certain harmful microorganisms – attributed primarily due to its “antibacterial action” on wounds or infections when applied topically.

Additionally, when ingested raw, our bodies may process these benefits in the same way as oregano or garlic and then produce these desirable effects due to its antifungal properties – acting as an immunity booster against common colds!

Raw honey also works wonders on digestive system issues like acid reflux by balancing out pH levels (it ranks between 3-4 on the pH scale making it slightly acidic). It's also packed with antioxidants like flavonoids which can help reduce inflammation while providing protection against free radicals – both internally via digestion processes as well externally through skin care applications!

And if you struggle with allergies during certain times of the year; by consuming local varieties we can build up a tolerance over time thanks again to those same pollens mentioned earlier!

Finally, let's not forget about raw honey's role as a natural energy source; providing simple sugars like glucose & fructose for quick energy needs – but also containing trace amounts of other essential nutrients too like iron & calcium making it a great alternative health food option.

Plus when added into recipes like sauces or dressings; it can bring out sweetness while still carrying along other flavors too, creating delicious combos while being able to use a little less due to its bold sweetness - perfect for those limiting regular sugar intake yet wanting some extra flavor kick!

All things considered – it's pretty clear why adding raw honey into your daily routine isn't just another fad diet trick – but rather provides real tangible health benefits without sacrificing any flavor along the way! So next time you're grocery shopping make sure you grab yourself some real deal 100% pure raw honey (preferably ones sourced locally) so you can reap all its amazing gifts today.  

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Raw honey is the bees knees! Drink in the delicious nectar from this golden elixir of youth. We’ll take raw honey for the health of it any day!

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